Australian author Adrienne Langman started her working life as a nurse and then changed careers, becoming an executive recruiter and trainer. She ran her own companies and was a consultant to many others during a highly successful 30-year corporate career. Adrienne is the author of On Your Own - Money Management for the Single Parent and raised three children as a single parent before marrying Larry in the early 1990s. Adrienne and Larry now live on a farm in Nana Glen, NSW, where they have dedicated themselves to learning about and creating self-sustainability through the practice of permaculture.

Adrienne is probably best known for her book Choosing Eden, which documents the story behind her and Larry's discovery of the concept of Peak Oil, their research about the possible and likely effects of Peak Oil on their lives and their subsequent decision to move away from their family and friends in Sydney, NSW, to start again on a small acreage in Nana Glen, in order to provide a safe, self-sufficient haven for their extended family in future years.

Adrienne and Larry have also appeared on television, on the Australian Seven Network's program THE REAL SEACHANGE, which followed her and Larry's move to from Sydney to Nana Glen.

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