What is Biosphere Process?Edit

Biosphere Process is a gasification process developed by Dr. Christopher A. McCormack (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Global Environmental Energy Corporation). This process harnesses the calorific value (combustibility) of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) to create a heat source that produces super heated steam via boiler, which drives a combination stream turbine/alternator, generating green electricity. It begins at the biosphere chamber wherein solid wastes are entered to begin the thermal transformation and derive a clean combustible gas or referred as syngas which is then used in a combined cycle gas/stream turbine to produce electricity. The heat generated by the process can be used to produce electricity, superheat steam, heat boiler feed water and distil desalinate

The Biosphere Gasification ProcessEdit

Stage 1: Material is collected and brought to a central Biosphere Process where 100% of the total tonnage is processed.

Stage 2: Material is sorted for recycling the biosphere separator

  • Compost production (20%)
  • Plastic/ Rubber recover (10%)
  • Metals, glass and aggregate recovery (3%, 5%, & 8%)
  • Materials burned to generate electricity (54%)

Operating at a rate of 5-8T/hours each receiving line separates materials into two feedstock streams comprising putrescible (organic) and non Putrescible (inorganic) materials if necessary.

Stage 3: All non-recycle materials is forced through the Biosphere Densifies, which compacts the materials into 20g* flakes with 15-20% moisture, (Termed Biosphere Flakes)at the rate of 5-8T/hour.These flakes fuel the Biosphere Process. (*29 = 2/3oz)

Stage 4: Biosphere Flakes are fed into Biosphere Venturi flux at 3,500 F./2,100 C. This process produces inert ash which is then recycled into concrete masonry and black carbon.

Stage 5: Gasification products in stage four power a gas turbine for Micro Power Generation.

Advantages of Biosphere TechnologyEdit

  • 100 % Environment-friendly. There are no toxic leftovers which cause leachate issues and its process uses limited-oxygen environment thus limits atmospheric emissions.
  • Can really solve both energy and solid wastes problem.
  • It helps in maintaining our groundwater free from harmful elements by superseding landfills.
  • It generates electricity and other by products through destroying wastes in a cost effective manner.


  • Pozzolanic ash
  • High alloy steel wire
  • Carbon black
  • Electricity


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