The abbreviations on this page were originally defined on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.


CA: Citizen Act. Competition Advocate. Cooperative Agreements. Corrective Action

CAA: Clean Air Act; Compliance Assurance Agreement

CAAA: Clean Air Act Amendments

CAER: Community Awareness and Emergency Response

CAFE: Corporate Average Fuel Economy

CAFO: Concentrated Animal Feedlot; Consent Agreement/Final Order

CAG: Carcinogenic Assessment Group

CAIR: Clean Air Interstate Rule: Comprehensive Assessment of Information Rule

CALINE: California Line Source Model

CAM: Compliance Assurance Monitoring rule; Compliance Assurance Monitoring

CAMP: Continuous Air Monitoring Program

CAN: Common Account Number

CAO: Corrective Action Order

CAP: Corrective Action Plan. Cost Allocation Procedure. Criteria Air Pollutant

CAPMoN: Canadian Air and Precipitation Monitoring Network

CAR: Corrective Action Report

CAS: Center for Automotive Safety; Chemical Abstract Service

CASAC: Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee

CASLP: Conference on Alternative State and Local Practices

CASTNet: Clean Air Status and Trends Network

CATS: Corrective Action Tracking System

CAU: Carbon Adsorption Unit; Command Arithmetic Unit

CB: Continuous Bubbler

CBA: Chesapeake Bay Agreement. Cost Benefit Analysis

CBD: Central Business District

CBEP: Community Based Environmental Project

CBI: Compliance Biomonitoring Inspection; Confidential Business Information

CBOD: Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand

CBP: Chesapeake Bay Program; County Business Patterns

CCA: Competition in Contracting Act

CCAA: Canadian Clean Air Act

CCAP: Center for Clean Air Policy; Climate Change Action Plan

CCEA: Conventional Combustion Environmental Assessment

CCHW: Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes

CCID: Confidential Chemicals Identification System

CCMS/NATO: Committee on Challenges of a Modern Society/North Atlantic Treaty Organization

CCP: Composite Correction Plan

CC/RTS:Chemical Collection/ Request Tracking System

CCTP: Clean Coal Technology Program

CD: Climatological Data

CDB: Consolidated Data Base

CDBA: Central Data Base Administrator

CDBG: Community Development Block Grant

CDD: Chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin

CDF: Chlorinated dibenzofuran

CDHS: Comprehensive Data Handling System

CDI: Case Development Inspection

CDM: Climatological Dispersion Model; Comprehensive Data Management

CDMQC: Climatological Dispersion Model with Calibration and Source Contribution

CDNS: Climatological Data National Summary

CDP: Census Designated Places

CDS: Compliance Data System

CE: Categorical Exclusion. Conditionally Exempt Generator

CEA: Cooperative Enforcement Agreement; Cost and Economic Assessment

CEAT: Contractor Evidence Audit Team

CEARC: Canadian Environmental Assessment Research Council

CEB: Chemical Element Balance

CEC: Commission for Environmental Cooperation

CECATS: CSB Existing Chemicals Assessment Tracking System

CEE: Center for Environmental Education

CEEM: Center for Energy and Environmental Management

CEI: Compliance Evaluation Inspection

CELRF: Canadian Environmental Law Research Foundation

CEM: Continuous Emission Monitoring

CEMS: Continuous Emission Monitoring System

CEPA: Canadian Environmental Protection Act

CEPP: Chemical Emergency Preparedness Plan

CEQ: Council on Environmental Quality

CERCLA: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (1980)

CERCLIS: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System

CERT: Certificate of Eligibility

CESQG: Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator

CEST: Community Environmental Service Teams

CF: Conservation Foundation

CFC: Chlorofluorocarbons

CFM: Chlorofluoromethanes

CFR: Code of Federal Regulations

CHABA: Committee on Hearing and Bio-Acoustics

CHAMP: Community Health Air Monitoring Program

CHEMNET: Chemical Industry Emergency Mutual Aid Network CHESS: Community Health and Environmental Surveillance System

CHIP: Chemical Hazard Information Profiles

CI: Compression Ignition. Confidence Interval

CIAQ: Council on Indoor Air Quality

CIBL: Convective Internal Boundary Layer

CICA: Competition in Contracting Act

CICIS: Chemicals in Commerce Information System

CIDRS: Cascade Impactor Data Reduction System

CIMI: Committee on Integrity and Management Improvement

CIS: Chemical Information System. Contracts Information System

CKD: Cement Kiln Dust

CKRC: Cement Kiln Recycling Coalition

CLC: Capacity Limiting Constituents

CLEANS: Clinical Laboratory for Evaluation and Assessment of Toxic Substances

CLEVER: Clinical Laboratory for Evaluation and Validation of Epidemiologic Research

CLF: Conservation Law Foundation

CLI: Consumer Labelling Initiative

CLIPS: Chemical List Index and Processing System

CLP: Contract Laboratory Program

CM: Corrective Measure

CMA: Chemical Manufacturers Association

CMB: Chemical Mass Balance

CME: Comprehensive Monitoring Evaluation

CMEL: Comprehensive Monitoring Evaluation Log

CMEP: Critical Mass Energy Project

CNG:Compressedd Natural Gas

COCO: Contractor-Owned/ Contractor-Operated

COD: Chemical Oxygen Demand

COH: Coefficient Of Haze

CPDA: Chemical Producers and Distributor Association

CPF: Carcinogenic Potency Factor

CPO: Certified Project Officer

CQA: Construction Quality Assurance

CR: Continuous Radon Monitoring

CROP: Consolidated Rules of Practice

CRP: Child-Resistant Packaging; Conservation Reserve Program

CRR: Center for Renewable Resources

CRSTER: Single Source Dispersion Model

CSCT: Committee for Site Characterization

CSGWPP: Comprehensive State Ground Water Protection Program

CSI: Common Sense Initiative; Compliance Sampling Inspection

CSIN: Chemical Substances Information Network

CSMA: Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association

CSO: Combined Sewer Overflow

CSPA: Council of State Planning Agencies

CSRL: Center for the Study of Responsive Law

CTARC: Chemical Testing and Assessment Research Commission

CTG: Control Techniques Guidelines

CTSA: Cleaner TechnologiesSubstitutess Assessment

CV: Chemical Vocabulary

CVS: Constant Volume Sampler

CW: Continuous working-level monitoring

CWA: Clean Water Act (aka FWPCA)

CWAP: Clean Water Action Project

CWTC: Chemical Waste Transportation Council

CZMA: Coastal Zone Management Act

CZARA: Coastal Zone Management Act Reauthorization Amendments

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