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[- Address the Arctic's Rapid Thaw! ]==

Why this is importantEdit

The world is in the middle of a climate crisis! The Arctic is in the midst of one of the worst ice melts in history! Arctic ice helps to reflect the sun's rays, keeping the north cool. A leading climatologist says that the Arctic could be void of ice in 3 years, leading to rapid warming!

NDP MP Megan Leslie of Halifax recently asked for an emergency debate on the ice melt in Canada's House of Commons. However, that request was denied by House Speaker Andrew Scheer - a Conservative MP. In Scheer's own words "I don't think that meets the criteria for an emergency debate."

This is the latest example of Conservative stalling to aggressively address dangerous climate change.

Please sign and share this petition and tell Canada's House Speaker and government to agree to an emergency debate on the Arctic ice melt and start to meaningfully tackle the vital issue of global climate change!

You can also email the speaker at this email address:

Don't sacrifice our future in order to profit today!

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