Atmospheric Oxygen And How We Are Taking From Its Delicate Balance''By lowering the delicate balance of our atmosphere we will then be decreasing our breathable oxygen all life needs. The world and all life in it contribute to this delicate balance by creating it in its living. This includes elements, water, precious metals and stones. However in our taking of too much precious stones and metals to build with or sell for money we are negatively changing our atmosphere from its natural balanced state to a fragile state which lowers our breathable oxygen. The amounts of precious stones and metals that are taken from their natural environment is appalling.

'The world creates these for a reason to aid in its balance and to contribute towards a healthy environment and atmosphere for all life it supports. As all life emits energy so do rocks, minerals, metals and stones. By removing this living energy and changing it by processing, we are removing what all life needs to keep its living environment balanced. '

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''Natural Oxygen

'Breathable oxygen is not only in our atmosphere it is in our lakes and oceans. It is in our plants and us. Trees live in perfect harmony with life that needs larger amounts of oxygen. By altering our atmosphere this affects the trees health and balance in its living which in turn affects either the quality or quantity of oxygen the tree provides for other life. '

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'The entire balance is very delicate however, it has been lowered to such a degree many are having trouble breathing or have developed lung diseases. Asthma is becoming a world wide problem. Reason being, many are sensitive to lowered oxygen levels that may be apparent in the areas they live in. When there is a lack of oxygen in one’s environment the lungs struggle in their efforts to draw in enough to provide the physical body with a balanced amount in keeping healthy. '

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''Oxygen in a Can

'Puffers which have been promoted to use consist of oxygen to help many breath. Why is it they need to create some synthetic oxygen in a can when they should be focusing on why oxygen levels are lowering in the first place? Healing the oxygen in our atmosphere is for more important then just leaving it and creating oxygen in a stupid can and selling it for stupid money. This backwards thinking causes all life to suffer in this lack of oxygen environment. Since when should life have to pay to breathe? '

' '

'The only way to heal our atmosphere and life giving oxygen it provides we are to stop taking precious metals and stones from our world. '

'We should be evolved and intelligent enough to see what this does to our plant life, nature and most importantly how it lowers the delicate balance of our atmosphere and breathable oxygen. '

''To Change Our Is To Change Our Living

'Many of our natural resources as they are called are constantly being pillaged from the world; reason being, to make the almighty buck. The shocking truth is we need to wake up and stop placing our priorities on the greedy need for money. '

' '

'This is literally affecting and harming the entire world. We need to toss our selfish stupid ways of living into the garbage where it belongs and start living in balance. If nature can do this with its own knowledge what is wrong with our picture. Can we not see anything but the greed for money? '

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'It’s been a pleasure '

'Kellie Hastings copyright 2011 '

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