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ways to help our climate

Switch it:Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room
Pool it:Grab your friends and carpool to school
Unplug it:Unplug chargers whenever there not being used
Adjust thermostat by 2 degrees up/down
  • BOOK SMART: For those books that you probably won't read again, host a book swap where you trade books with friends – or head to the library.
  • ENERGY SAVER: Organize a carpool, ride your bike or skateboard, walk, or take the school bus or public transportation to school.
  • FLIP IT: Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room.
  • GET PLUGGED IN AND UNPLUG: Remove your cell phone and electronic game chargers from the wall, and plug them into a power strip. Then turn off the power strip whenever those electronics are not in use.
  • LIGHT SWITCH: Replace at least one standard light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) in your household. If your entire house is already lit by CFLs, change a bulb at a friend's or relative's house.
  • +/- 2 DEGREES: Turn up your thermostats 2 degrees in the heat, and down 2 degrees in the cold.Your body will adjust to the small change in temperature pretty fast.
  • SEND A SIGNAL: Post signs near room exits to remind people to turn off the lights.
  • CLIMB TO THE TOP: Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator! Get fit and save electricity.
  • SPREAD IT AROUND: Tell 10 friends to unplug their cell phones and game chargers from the wall when they're not using them. About 40% (2/5) of all electricity used to power home electronics is used when the products are turned off.
  • LAUNDRO-TASTIC: Once a week, take charge of the laundry. Wash everything on a cold wash (hot or warm washes are rarely necessary) and hang everything to dry instead of using a dryer whenever possible.
  • LINT WATCHER: Monitor your dryer's lint filter. The cleaner your lint filters, the less your dryer needs to work – ultimately saving energy!
  • DON'T BE IDLE: Ask your parents to turn off their car engine when they're waiting for you – or any time they're sitting in the car waiting.


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