Climate camps are an idea from the UK for camps with a more radical approach to protest against climate change. Recently, the idea spread around and there were climate camps in germany and australia.

Climate Camp UK 2008 Edit

The climate camp 2008 in the UK was held near the coal plant Kingsnorth. On a big action, several activists squatted the building place for a new coal plant.

Climate Camp Hamburg / Germany 2008 Edit

The climate camp in Hamburg was a combined event with an anti racism camp. The main action was the try to squat the building place of the coal plant in Moorburg. Other actions were against biofuels (ADM) or agaist deportation at the airport Harburg.

A conflict was especially with the german green party, who is part of the local government of Hamburg. It's not yet clear if the Hamburg green party will accept the building of the coal plant. After a squatting of the green partys office, the green party said that they don't support any direct actions against the Moorburg plant.

Links Edit

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