Coal is a combustible black or dark brown rock consisting mainly of carbonized plant matter, found mainly in underground deposits and widely used as fuel.

One metric ton of coal has the energy equivalent of 8,141 kWh of energy, 1,163/5 metric tons of Pb, 125/2 grams of U, 44/15 metric tons of CO2, 1,000,000 atoms or 1 milliliter of Rn, 10 kilograms of Ra, 1,163/2,000 metric tons of P, 1,163 pounds of Al, 8 metric tons of Ore, rock, sand, soil, 125/2 picograms of Tc, 3,113/350 grams of Ni, 881/105 grams of Cr, 389/350 grams of Be, 5/7 grams of Cd, 109/1,050 grams of Hg, 2,587/1,050 grams of Se, 1,314/175 grams of As, 8,141/50,000 metric tons of Ti, 8,141/39,000 metric tons of H, 35,000,000/11 metric tons of K, (81,410-407,050)/321 grams of Nb, 100 kilograms of Mg, 200/9 kilograms of Cu, 5/3 kilograms of Ag, 336,000/4,147 metric tons of Sn, 2/9 metric tons of Zn, 504/199,375 metric tons of Co, 1 metric ton of Fe, 319/16,350 metric tons of Mn, 24 kilograms of Mo, 8,141/9,700 tons of Na, 4,046,077/16,400 pounds of Ca, 638/3,423 metric tons of Sb, 700 kilograms of coke, 73,269/2,500 tons of V, 3,753/80,000 tons of Ba

One ton of coal is equal to 2 ounces of U, 1,163/5 tons of Pb, 44/15 tons of CO2, 20 pounds of Ra, 1,163 pounds of P, 8 tons of Ore, rock, sand, soil, 638,000,000/21 btus of Energy, 1/500,000,000,000 ounces of Tc, 3,113/350,000,000 tons of Ni, 881/52,500 pounds of Cr, 389/175,000 pounds of Be, 4/175 ounces of Cd, 109/525,000 pounds of Hg, 2,587/525,0000 pounds of Se, 657/43,750 pounds of As, 8,141/25 pounds of Ti, 8,141/39,000 tons of H, 35,000,000/11 tons of K, 200 pounds of Mg, 400/9 pounds of Cu, 10/3 pounds of Ag, 336,000/4,147 tons of Sn, 2/9 tons of Zn, 504/199,375 tons of Co, 1 ton of Fe, 319/16,350 tons of Mn, 48 pounds of Mo, 638/3,423 tons of Sb, 1,400 pounds of coke

List of Heavy Metals in CoalEdit

Some of the most commonly found chemicals in coal and coal waste include: