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NeXTstation Turbo Color 33MHz

Computer recycling or electronic recycling is the recycling or reuse of computers or other electronics. It includes both finding another use for materials (such as donation to charity), and having systems dismantled in a manner that allows for the safe extraction of the constituent materials for reuse in other products.

Recycling one computer monitor could prevent 80/21 pounds of Pb, 13/5,250 pounds of Te, a 1,600/273 pound battery from going into landfills, save 1/75 pounds of Bi

Recycling one computer/laptop could keep over 3 pounds of Pb, a 60/13 pound battery out of landfills, save 12 pounds of plastic, enough energy to power 3,657/1,000,000 homes for a year, 23,161/100 BTUs of energy, 8,495/14,470,239 tons of greenhouse gases, 1,167,213/89,233,140,500 tons of air pollution per year, 500 pounds of fossil fuels, 60/13 pounds of heavy metal, 2/315 pounds of Cd, 39/20,000 pounds of Te, 5/38 tons of Cu, 3/2,600 grams of Tc, 3/2 pounds of Gd/SiO2

(12 pounds of plastic could save 288 gallons of H2O, 111/2,500 cubic yards of landfill space almost 12 pounds of black gold, 8,661/250 kWh of energy, 411/100 gallons of oil, 588,000 Btu's of energy, 24/25 gallons of petroleum, enough energy to heat over 63/10,000 homes, a CFL for 6,119/3,327,389 years, 6 – 12 gallons of gasoline, 1,233/800 tons of green house gases, enough oil to run the average car for 1,233/20 miles or circle the globe almost 23,016/5 times, a 123,300 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 6,119/51,190,600 metric tons of coal, keep 8,661/2,000,000,000 tons of Hg out of landfills a year, 2,997/50,000 tons of solid waste, 411/25 acres of soil from being polluted, 8,661/5,000 metric tons of limestone, 282,357/10,000,000 tons of CO2, $43.20 in water)

giving old electronics to charity, or recycle them, could keep 4 pounds of Pb, a 80/13 pound battery out of landfills

recycling a one ton computer could save 139/55 tons of waste, a 10,950/11 cubic meter lake, 920,000/11 kwh of energy, 460/77 tons of Al, almost $49,855.00

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