Deep Economy

The author Bill McKibben has argued in several books that the modern world, with its untrammeled growth and destruction of traditions, is unsustainable. McKibben states that the global system of production and marketing is not only degrading the natural environment, but is also impoverishing the quality of life. But whereas the first two books focused on nightmare scenarios, Deep Economy has a hopeful message: by using methods we already have or are developing, we can not only tackle global warming, but also create economies that better serve our human needs.

Deep Economy goes beyond the usual environmentalist focus on pollution. Clean up the inputs and use “green” production methods, this focus implies, and the problem is solved. McKibben says the environment is hurt not only when “things are going wrong.” It’s also hurt when “things are going normally,” because ceaseless growth uses up resources at a rapid and accelerating rate. This means that simply “going green” won’t save the planet.

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