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Deforestation in the Philippines

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Along with other Southeast Asian countries deforestation in the Philippines is a major environmental issue.

Rate of deforestationEdit

Over the course of the 20th century the forest cover of the Philippines dropped from 70% down to 20%.[1] In total, 46 species are endangered, and 4 were already eradicated completely. Only 3.2percent of total rainforest has been left.

Based on an analysis of land use pattern maps and a road map an estimated 9.8 million ha of forests were lost in the Philippines from 1934 to 1988.[2]

Its one of the problems of government in the Philippines that not really get talked about.

Illegal loggingEdit

Illegal logging occurs in the Philippines [3] and intensify flood damage in some areas.[4]

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Further readingEdit

  • Cavanagh, John; Broad, Robin (1994). Plundering paradise: the struggle for the environment in the Philippines. Berkeley: University of California Press. ISBN 0-520-08921-9. 

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