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EcoSearch donates money to charities for every search you make. EcoSearch has a focused donation plan (hence the name), one geared specifically to green causes. EcoSearch Executive Director David Krasnow says that EcoSearch donates all profits from its ad revenues to charity. So far they have made donations to the NRDC, the Sierra Club, the Rainforest Alliance, and others. Not a bad start. EcoSearch search results come from Google, which also provides the ads that appear on every search-result page. The company says each search generates around 2.1 cents for charity, and they hope to draw a million searches a day by the end of this year.


EcoSearch is the world's first search engine dedicated solely to preserving our environment. Search Google from our homepage just as you would at The search results are EXACTLY the same, but Google shares a portion of their advertising revenue with us, just as they do with many other websites like and EcoSearch, a nonprofit corporation, was formed because we are dedicated environmentalists who want to make a difference, and believe that, when given the opportunity, millions of people will join us.

In the past 3 months, Google paid over a BILLION dollars to advertising partners. Unlike for-profit companies which put all this money into the pockets of individuals (usually already incredibly rich individuals), EcoSearch donates, as required by law, all of its profits to charities.

How does work?Edit

It couldn’t be any simpler! Just visit rather than those other search engines. Your search results come directly from Google. EcoSearch earns money from ads on its site, just as most websites do. The only difference is that the profits from the company go to great organizations that protect our environment, rather than into the founders' pockets........

What charities do you donate to?Edit

Sierra Club
National Resource Defense Council
Heal the Bay
Rainforest Alliance

New charities?Edit

By sending new suggestions to [] YOU can help YOUR favorite environmental organisation! Template:Environmental organizations

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