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The abbreviations on this page were originally defined on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.


FACA: Federal Advisory Committee Act

FAN: Fixed Account Number

FATES: FIFRA and TSCA Enforcement System

FBC: Fluidized Bed Combustion

FCC: Fluid Catalytic Converter

FCCC: Framework Convention on Climate Change

FCCU: Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit

FCO: Federal Coordinating Officer (in disaster areas); Forms Control Officer

FDF: Fundamentally Different Factors

FDL: Final Determination Letter

FDO: Fee Determination Official

FE: Fugitive Emissions

FEDS: Federal Energy Data System

FEFx: Forced Expiratory Flow

FEIS: Fugitive Emissions Information System

FEL: Frank Effect Level

FEPCA: Federal Environmental Pesticide Control Act; enacted as amendments to FIFRA.

FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FES: Factor Evaluation System

FEV: Forced Expiratory Volume

FEV1: Forced Expiratory Volume--one second; Front End Volatility Index

FF: Federal Facilities

FFAR: Fuel and Fuel Additive Registration

FFDCA: Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

FFEO: Federal Facilities Enforcement Office

FFF: Firm Financial Facility

FFFSG: Fossil-Fuel-Fired Steam Generator

FFIS: Federal Facilities Information System

FFP: Firm Fixed Price

FGD: Flue-Gas Desulfurization

FID: Flame Ionization Detector

FIFRA: Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

FIM: Friable Insulation Material

FINDS: Facility Index System

FIP: Final Implementation Plan

FIPS: Federal Information Procedures System

FIT: Field Investigation Team

FLETC: Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

FLM: Federal Land Manager

FLP: Flash Point

FLPMA: Federal Land Policy and Management Act

FMAP: Financial Management Assistance Project

F/M: Food to Microorganism Ratio

FML: Flexible Membrane Liner

FMP: Facility Management Plan

FMP: Financial Management Plan

FMS: Financial Management System

FMVCP: Federal Motor Vehicle Control Program

FOE: Friends Of the Earth

FOIA: Freedom Of Information Act

FOISD: Fiber Optic Isolated Spherical Dipole Antenna

FONSI: Finding Of No Significant Impact

FORAST: Forest Response to Anthropogenic Stress

FP: Fine Particulate

FPA: Federal Pesticide Act

FPAS: Foreign Purchase Acknowledgement Statements

FPD: Flame Photometric Detector

FPEIS: Fine Particulate Emissions Information System

FPM: Federal Personnel Manual

FPPA: Federal Pollution Prevention Act

FPR: Federal Procurement Regulation

FPRS: Federal Program Resources Statement; Formal Planning and Supporting System

FQPA: Food Quality Protection Act

FR: Federal Register. Final Rulemaking

FRA: Federal Register Act

FREDS: Flexible Regional Emissions Data System

FRES: Forest Range Environmental Study

FRM: Federal Reference Methods

FRN: Federal Register Notice. Final Rulemaking Notice

FRS: Formal Reporting System

FS: Feasibility Study

FSA: Food Security Act

FSS: Facility Status Sheet; Federal Supply Schedule

FTP: Federal Test Procedure (for motor vehicles)

FTS: File Transfer Service

FTTS: FIFRA/TSCA Tracking System

FUA: Fuel Use Act

FURS: Federal Underground Injection Control Reporting System

FVMP: Federal Visibility Monitoring Program

FWCA: Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act

FWPCA: Federal Water Pollution and Control Act (aka CWA). Federal Water Pollution and Control Administration

FY: Fiscal Year

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