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The abbreviations on this page were originally defined on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.


GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAC: Granular Activated Carbon

GACT: Granular Activated Carbon Treatment

GAW: Global Atmospheric Watch

GCC: Global Climate Convention

GC/MS: Gas Chromatograph/ Mass Spectograph

GCVTC: Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission

GCWR: Gross Combination Weight Rating

GDE: Generic Data Exemption

GEI: Geographic Enforcement Initiative

GEMI: Global Environmental Management Initiative

GEMS: Global Environmental Monitoring System; Graphical Exposure Modeling System

GEP: Good Engineering Practice

GFF: Glass Fiber Filter

GFO: Grant Funding Order

GFP: Government-Furnished Property

GICS: Grant Information and Control System

GIS: Geographic Information Systems; Global Indexing System

GLC: Gas Liquid Chromatography

GLERL: Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

GLNPO: Great Lakes National Program Office

GLP: Good Laboratory Practices

GLWQA: Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

GMCC: Global Monitoring for Climatic Change

G/MI: Grams per mile

GOCO: Government-Owned/ Contractor-Operated

GOGO: Government-Owned/ Government-Operated

GOP: General Operating Procedures

GOPO: Government-Owned/ Privately-Operated

GPAD: Gallons-per-acre per-day

GPG: Grams-per-Gallon

GPR: Ground-Penetrating Radar

GPRA: Government Performance and Results Act

GPS: Groundwater Protection Strategy

GR: Grab Radon Sampling

GRAS: Generally Recognized as Safe

GRCDA: Government Refuse Collection and Disposal Association

GRGL: Groundwater Residue Guidance Level

GT: Gas Turbine

GTN: Global Trend Network

GTR: Government Transportation Request

GVP: Gasoline Vapor Pressure

GVW: Gross Vehicle Weight

GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

GW: Grab Working-Level Sampling. Groundwater

GWDR: Ground Water Disinfection Rule

GWM: Groundwater Monitoring

GWP: Global Warming Potential

GWPC: Ground Water Protection Council

GWPS: Groundwater Protection Standard; Groundwater Protection Strategy

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