There are a number of ways to improve your marketing practices and run a more sustainable business. The goal of this article is to provide an overview of all the aspects of sustainable marketing and provide more in-depth information on various sub-pages.

Design Edit

1. Use a Design can Changeaffiliated designer. They are committed to greening, or making more sustainable, their business practices as designers. An example could be not asked for a printed proof before printing the final.

Printing Edit

1. Host them on Your Website: Instead of printing brochures, product sheets and other materials, host them on your website and drive clients to view and download them there.
2. Use Waterless Printers: Removes the use of water and chemicals from the printing process
3. Use Soy-based Inks: More environmentally-friendly and less toxic
4. Use FSC certified or recycled paper

Website Edit

1. Use a website host who powers their servers with renewable energy.

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