FANDOM is the website of Charlie Szoradi, an architect with over two decades of experience in high-performance ‘green’ home design and remodeling. He is a sought after speaker on next-level design due to his ground breaking work and specific focus on the integration of great function and style with significant cost-savings and environmental sustainability. video showing the progress of our first project!

“We have done so much research over the past three years that we wanted to share it. Since the initial un-edited web search results were overwhelming and contradictory, we dug deep, made the calls, and met directly with manufacturers, suppliers, installers, engineers, and other architects to determine exactly what to buy and where to buy it. Our recommendations come from what we chose for our own home. Out of budget concerns, we calculated and then ranked the return on energy and other savings, so this site has the first Return On Investment (ROI) calculation rankings for Green Home Improvement. Now, hopefully you can review and also Take Action to save money and the environment.” – Charlie Szoradi


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