FANDOM - A safer, greener, more sustainable pool. Edit

  • The device can be left floating in the pool. is a company constanly look for environmentaly resposible solutions for pools that reduce the use of chlorine. Their newest product, the "Fortifyer 1010 (TM)" reduces the need of chlorine by 75%, and has been used in pools and spa's throught the United States and Europe. This company is constantly changing the world of pool cleaning everyday using a revolutionary new technology.

The Fortifyer Models are all made of 100% recyclable materials.

Why Should I Use Less Chlorine?Edit

Chlorine is a very harmful substance that can have many negative health and environmental effects. First off, chlorine translates to itchy eyes, dry skin, dry hair, and a strong smell due to its natural properties. Chlorine has even been shown to trigger asthma attacts, which have even worse effects in a pool. Chlorine in its natural form is a gas. Meaning that once the chlorine is put in the pool, it evaporates faster when the sun is shining, leading to pollution of the environment and the ozone.

The Revolutionary ScienceEdit

The Fortifyer Models all use the revolutionary science of photonics, which is used in many fields ranging from television, to laser technology, to military technology, and even in photosyntesis. The science focuses on the study of light, meaning photons, hence the name.

How Long Does Each Device Last?Edit

1.5-2 years.

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