Healer Stats For Metin2 Shaman Dear guys, have a good hunting in Metin2!

We provide you some useful information on Healer Stats For Metin2 Shaman, and I got it from other websites, hope it could help you. You can get the cheap Metin2 yang for our company with fast delivery, as we are a reliable gold service company, so you can count on us. We will provide you with the best service!

To Metin2 Shaman, healers are often the stronger in PVP, while dragons are stronger in PVM, but if you build your healer suitable, you can also do well in PVM. To start out, you will need some points in VIT for the beginning levels. Then you should put points in INT and VIT in a 1:2 ratio, When VIT is maxed around lvl 4x you put all your points in INT until that is maxed out too. When both VIT and INT is maxed out, you should put all your points in DEX. A shaman will never need any STR.

When you reached above level 70, you can use blood pills or Reset Stats Scroll to change for full DEX instead of VIT. This increases the damage you deal and provides you more evasion wich is great for PVP and when figting mobs that deal a high amount of damage.

Thanks for reading and welcome next time!

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