Hilary French is a prominent environmental analyst. She is currently a Program Officer at the United Nations Environment Programme's Regional Office for North America. She is on leave from Worldwatch Institute, where she has served in many capacities, including as Vice President for Research, as Senior Advisor for Programs, and as a Senior Researcher. Educated at Dartmouth College and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, French interned for the United Nations in the Ivory Coast and in Geneva at the UN Development Program and the UN Institute for Disarmament Research and worked briefly for Ashoka before joining Worldwatch in 1987.

In addition to Worldwatch documents, French is the author of Vanishing Borders: Protecting the Planet in the Age of Globalization (Norton, 2000) which has been widely translated.[1]

She is married to Christopher Flavin, President of Worldwatch Institute, also a prominent environmental and resource analyst.



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