How to sue Metin2 Fish Hello friends, have a good hunting in Metin2!

This article will display you about how to sue Fish in the game. And I got the source from other websites, Once you reach a riverside, you can equip your fishing pole and attach bait to it. You can choose to bait with Rice Ball, Worm or Minnow.

1. You will kill the fish and get an item. The available items includes; Fishbone, Clam, Piece of Stone, White Pearl, Blue Pearl, and Blood Pearl.

2. Make use of the Fishing Skill(Metin2 yang) to cast your line. After casting your line, a bobber will appear on the water. When the bobber moves, press the fishing skill button again to catch the fish. It is also possible to catch many rare and unique items.

3. The fish you caught will be automatically added to the inventory.

Thanks for reading and have a good fishing time! Template:How to

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