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It’s Getting Hot in Here is a community media project of leading youth activists from around the world, one that has been recognized in venues as varied as the New York Times, the Asahi Shimbun, and a motion picture - Everything’s Cool. It’s Getting Hot in Here has been recognized as a Best Green Blog, a Top 10 Climate Blog by Climate Progress, is listed as a “Suggested Source” by, and has been nominated for its outstanding Climate Change Communications. Readers for It’s Getting Hot in Here come from 160 countries around the world and is a resource for youth empowerment that has been cited by the UN, the World Bank, and the International Youth Foundation.


It’s Getting Hot in Here is the voice of a growing movement, a collection of voices from the student and youth leaders of the global movement to stop global warming. Originally created by youth leaders to allow youth to report from the International Climate Negotiations in Montreal, It’s Getting Hot in Here has since grown into a global online community, with over 100 writers from countries around the world.


Youth Coverage of the UN Climate Conference in Bali, Dec. 3-11, 2007Edit

It’s Getting Hot in Here - dispatches from the Youth Climate Movement had ver 50 youth bloggers covering the conference from every angle, with pictures, video, and more. Youth Reporting was also profiled on Celsias, UN Dispatch, Grist, Environmental Graffiti, [8the TerraPass Blog]], and Watthead.

The Youth DelegationsEdit

[| US Youth Delegation to Bali]
[Canadian Youth Delegation to Bali]
[Australian Youth Delegation to Bali]

Youth Delegates to Nairobi (2006)Edit

How can You contribute?Edit

[Just follow some simple steps]

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