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Laundry Pure Edit

A Better Way To Clean Laundry With Little or No Chemicals LaundryPure Avialable At HealthyHomeTechnoloies

  • Uses oxygen and peroxides to lift dirt and odors from your wash.
  • Reduces/eliminates the need for harsh laundry detergents and cleaner.
  • Helps eliminate allergic reactions due to detergent residue.
  • Kills germs without bleach or hot water with the power of silver.
  • Clothes and linens become softer, fluffier, and last longer.
  • Colors get brighter.
  • LaundryPure’s Silver nano-technology killed 99.999% of bacteria in independent NSF testing.
  • Kills germs without bleach or hot water with the power of Silver.
  • Uses cold water for all wash cycles saving energy due to less hot water consumption.
  • Note: LaundryPure reduces or eliminates the need for laundry detergent. While many users find that LaundryPure alone effectively cleans their laundry, you may find it necessary to pre-treat or use a reduced amount of detergent to remove all stains. For pre-treating, our private testing has shown that ecoH cleaner by EcoQuest outperforms leading spot removers. If you find that detergent is necessary, we recommend using 1/8th the amount you previously used before your LaundryPure purchase.

doing a load of laundry in cold water once a week, could save 8,652,339/65,625 kwh and 2,237,760 BTU’s of energy, 28,571,862/323,203,125 tons of CO2, enough energy to power 2,997/125,000 Homes, a CFL for 89,407,503/12,775,000,000 years.

LaundryPure has been successfully installed on the following washing machines: Compatible Machines

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