The abbreviations on this page were originally defined on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.


NAA: Nonattainment Area

NAAEC: North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation

NAAQS: National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NACA: National Agricultural Chemicals Association

NACEPT: National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology

NADP/NTN: National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network

NAMS: National Air Monitoring Stations

NAPAP: National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program

NAPL: Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid

NAPS: National Air Pollution Surveillance

NARA: National Agrichemical Retailers Association

NARSTO: North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone

NAS: National Academy of Sciences

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASDA: National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

NCAMP: National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides

NCEPI: National Center for Environmental Publications and Information

NCWS: Non-Community Water System

NEDS: National Emissions Data System

NEIC: National Enforcement Investigations Center

NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act

NEPI: National Environmental Policy Institute

NEPPS: National Environmental Performance Partnership System

NESHAP: National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants

NIEHS: National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences

NETA: National Environmental Training Association

NFRAP: No Further Remedial Action Planned

NICT: National Incident Coordination Team

NIOSH: National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

NIPDWR: National Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations

NISAC: National Industrial Security Advisory Committee

NMHC: Nonmethane Hydrocarbons

NMOC: Non-Methane Organic Component

NMVOC: Non-methane Volatile Organic Chemicals

NO: Nitric Oxide

NO²: Nitrogen Dioxide

NOA: Notice of Arrival

NOAA: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency

NOAC: Nature of Action Code

NOAEL: No Observable Adverse Effect Level

NOEL: No Observable Effect Level

NOIC: Notice of Intent to Cancel

NOIS: Notice of Intent to Suspend

N2O: Nitrous Oxide

NOV: Notice of Violation

NOx: Nitrogen Oxides

NORM: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

NPCA: National Pest Control Association>

NPDES: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NPHAP: National Pesticide Hazard Assessment Program

NPIRS: National Pesticide Information Retrieval System

NPMS: National Performance Measures Strategy

NPTN: National Pesticide Telecommunications Network

NRD: Natural Resource Damage

NRDC: Natural Resources Defense Council

NSDWR: National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations

NSEC: National System for Emergency Coordination

NSEP: National System for Emergency Preparedness

NSPS: New Source Performance Standards

NSR: New Source Review

NSR/PSD: National Source Review/Prevention of Significant Deterioration

NTI: National Toxics Inventory

NTIS: National Technical Information Service

NTNCWS: Non-Transient Non-Community Water System

NTP: National Toxicology Program

NTU: Nephlometric Turbidity Unit

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