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Napkin recycling is the process of recovering waste napkins and turning them into new products

recycling one napkin can save 1/28,750 trees, 74/9,775 pounds of wood, over 8/115 pounds of CO2, 6/2,875 pounds of air pollution per year, 10,000/2,498,283 cubic yards of landfill space, gain almost 26/2,875 pounds of O per year

(74/9,775 pounds of wood could save 26,640/391 BTUs of heat energy, 2,701/5,865,000 gallons of oil, a 5,402/391 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 2,701/15,640,000 tons of greenhouse gases, enough energy to power 999/928,625 homes for a year)

(over 1/28,750 trees could provide new wild life habitat and shade in almost 1/27,600 places, And absorb almost 5/69 pounds of CO2 over the course of their lives, 250/47,403 gallons of oil, 5,000/92,529 kwh of energy, a 5/30,843 cubic meter lake, 5/370,116 pounds of Hg a year, 403/2,161,477,440 metric tons or 2/92,529 tons of coal, and enough energy to power over 17/2,760,000 cars for a year, one car to travel 1,250/15,801 miles, 125/63,204 tons of greenhouse gases, 1/69 quarts of gasoline, 1,000/647,703 metric tons of Pb, 3,125/555,174 tons of waste, 1,000/47,403 acres of soil from being polluted, 250/92,529 metric tons of limestone, 320/92,529 pounds of fly ash, almost $1/$208)

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