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The abbreviations on this page were originally defined on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.


O3: Ozone

OAQPS: Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards

OCD: Offshore and Coastal Dispersion

ODP: Ozone-Depleting Potential

ODS: Ozone-Depleting Substances

OECA: Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OF: Optional Form

OI: Order for Information

OLC: Office of Legal Counsel

OLTS: On Line Tracking System

O&M: Operations and Maintenance

ORE: Office of Regulatory Enforcement

ORM: Other Regulated Material

ORP: Oxidation-Reduction Potential

OTAG: Ozone Transport Assessment Group

OTC: Ozone Transport Commission

OTIS: Online Tracking Information System

OTR: Ozone Transport Region

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