When we emit green house gases like CO2, into the environment, a good percent of the gases are absorbed by the ocean. When this happens, the levels of acidity in the ocean are forced to change; drastically affecting the creatures dwelling in the ocean. 

One of the ways it affects many species is through carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is what helps make a lot of animals shells very strong.  When greenhouse gases are added to the chemical equation of how these shells are made the level of carbonic acid decreases drastically. This makes certain species lose the strength in their shells, which makes them much more vulnerable to preadators and eventually affects the entire food chain. By affecting the carbonic acid, greenhouse gases can also cause coral reefs to weaken and eventually disappear. Coral reefs are home to more than 99% of all ocean species at some point in their life. Without their homes, many animals are left without food and shelter. Reduce how much greenhouse gases YOU emit.

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