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With average more than 1,000 tons of air pollution release PPG Industries is ranked among the biggest air polluters in the United States by an University of Massachusetts study.

The Lime Lake Reclamation Project of PPG Industries (Baberton, OH) received special awards in the National Beneficial Use of Biosolids Program from Environmental Protection Agency’s region in 1998. However, the same facility was accused by EPA of clean-air violations later, in 2006. According to the agency’s report, PPG failed to comply with a 1-pound per hour permitted emission limit on volatile organic compounds. The tests done in January and February of the same year showed VOC emissions as high as 8.8 pounds per hour.

Emiting more than 250 tons of production-related waste every year, Barberton is just fifth among the most polluting PPG facilities and counts for only 6% of overall company’s pollution production.

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