Planting one tree can save 48 pounds of CO2 a year or over 1 ton during its lifetime, 60 pounds of air pollution per year, 400 gallons of H2O, 2,500 gallons of rain, 33,300,000/17 btus of energy, 37/4,488 tons of Al, and gain almost 260 pounds of O per year, 11/5,000 pounds of hydrocarbon per hour.

a tree with a width of one foot can absorb 6%-8% decibels of sound intensity

a tree with a width of one inch can absorb (3-4)/600 decibels of sound intensity

a tree with a width of one yard can absorb 18%-24% decibels of sound instantly

a tree with a width of one mile can absorb 316.8-422.4 decibels of sound instantly

Planting one acre of trees can save 6 tons of CO2, 18/11 tons of C, and gain 4 tons of O

One hectare of forest can absorb 15 metric tons of CO2 per year

One square meter of forest can absorb 3/2 kilograms of CO2 per year

Interested in planting a tree for free? E-tailer Shoplet has teamed up with Trees for the Future to make this happen! Simply use the hashtag #CareShareGrow and they will plant a tree in your honor. In addition, they have pledged to plant a tree every time an order is placed on . You can find more info here .

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