No matter what you do to reduce your carbon footprint, if you have a child, all your good work will be undone. Children need so much stuff, simply because they keep outgrowing their shoes and clothes and need age appropriate toys which change every time they have a birthday. You may be able to get some pre-loved stuff for them, but today's child in the West must have new things to avoid being seriously bullied in school. Of course, you could try home schooling them and leaving them completely unprepared for when they do finally have to go out in the world. Do you see my point? I know this article will incense those who think they have a right to have children, but I understand that having children is a privilege (not a right). Also, what sort of world are you bringing them into? In the future, children will probably be suing their parents for birthing them. The argument will be that just by birthing them, they are making the world worse.

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