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HP 88 XL (C9396AE) ink cartridge
Ink cartridges

Printer Cartridge recycling is where you recycle your empty ink cartridges

recycling one canon ink cartridges could save 399/500 gallons of oil, enough oil to run the average car for 1,197/100 miles or circle the globe almost 22,344/25 times, a 23,940 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 1,197/2 pounds of green house gases, 274,113/1,000,000 tons of CO2, enough energy to power over 4,659,921/100,000,000 cars for a year, a CFL for 7,629/17,577,533 years, one home for 399/365,000 years, cook 2,394/125 meals in a microwave oven, blow dry a person's hair at least 10,773/125 times, vacuum a house for 399/800 years, a tv for 1,197/146,000 years, 30,457/3,725 kwh of energy, 121,828/18,625 gallons of H2O, 274,113/10,000 gallons of gasoline, 4,351/18,625 metric tons of Pb, 8,618,400/73 btu's of energy, 30,457/29,800,000,000 tons of Hg a year, 761,245/447 pounds of waste, 399/125 acres of soil from being polluted, 5,875/881,067 tons of air pollution per year, 189/31,025 tons of NH3, 274,113/2,875 cubic feet of natural gas, 274,113/1,000,000 tons of climate change, 30,457/400,000 tons of C, almost 1,539/100 pounds of hydrocarbons, 19/50 pounds of PETN, 91,371/200,000 tons of Cl, 121,828/625 square meters of natural habitat potential, 30,457/375,000 metric tons of fossil fuels, 30,457/750,000 metric tons of carbon monoxide, 4,351/3,725 pounds of Al, over $120.00

canon ink

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