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Project Earth Day is a sustainable fashion show to promote sustainable design and build a platform for eco-conscious designers of different fields to merge their talents and collaborate on smarter design choices.

Project Earth Day embodies more than sustainable, chic, eco-fashion. It expresses and exemplifies the inherent connections that exist between all the creative fields. Architecture, Fashion, Product Design, Artisans, Interior Design, and Graphic Design all share similar facilities in their respective approaches and end-products which, nowadays, are exaggerated even more by the need for sustainability and the creative and innovative processes involved in being as “Green” as possible. Our goal was to show this latent connection, bringing it to fruition in the light of “green” design.

The show includes Del Forte, Charmone, and Peligrosa, as well as designers from their student design competition. Project Earth Day is sponsored by the sustainable furniture design company, Teknion, and will take place in their eco-friendly Chelsea showroom this evening.

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