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What happens if you drink propane?

Propane recycling is the process of recycling used propane

recycling one metric ton of propane could save 46,440 MJ's of energy, $1,548.00

recycling one gallon of propane could save 91,690 btu's of energy, 669,337/2,880,000 tons of greenhouse gases, 1/π metric tons of limestone,

recycling one liter of propane could save 14/9 kilograms of CO2, 56/45 square meters of natural habitat potential, 35/66 kilograms of coal, 14/27 kilograms of fossil fuels, 7/27 kilograms of carbon monoxide, 35/9,108 tons of steam, 56/15 kilograms of life, 119/2,700 kilograms of solid particles, 7/135 kilograms of nitrogen oxide, 7/8,595 metric tons of ethanol, 14/33 kilograms of C, 7/621 tons of soda ash, 140/1,221 square meters of biomass, 7/40 gallons of gasoline, 35/22 kilograms of greenhouse gases

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