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Electric Lawnmower

Push Mower is a lawn mower that uses no engine

one push mower can save 288 pounds of CO2 a year, a 9 cubic meter lake, 225/4 cubic meters of rain, 18 pounds of particulates each year, 199,800,000/17 btu's of energy, 24 pounds of ozone each year, 13,552/75 decibels of sound intensity, 52/675 tons of dust each year, 3,330/5,491 tons of NH3, 360 pounds of air pollution per year, 999/1,615 tons of methanol, 39,483/1,000 kwh of energy, 7,353/1,100 metric tons of coal, 78,432/5 square meters of natural habitat potential, 817/125 metric tons of fossil fuels, 817/250 metric tons of carbon monoxide, 817/1,250 metric tons of nitrogen oxide, 13,889/25,000 metric tons of solid particles, 12,255/253 tons of steam, 29,412/625 metric tons of life, 9,804/955 metric tons of ethanol, 3,268/23 tons of soda ash, 588,240/407 square meters of biomass, 80 pounds of C, 10,000/447 tons of waste, 72/5 gallons of gasoline, $360.00, gain almost 1,560 pounds of O per year

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