Recently, the LED technology has improved fast. LED is a semiconducting diode device which emits light. It consists of a solid state of technology. This semiconductor device will be considered as most popular sources of light because of its longevity, power saving and environmental friendly.

In the year 2009, for lighting 80-1001m/w are used as lighting. People were considering the LED lights as the alternative of the incandescence bulbs. So the benefits of the bulbs are discussed below.

1. Energy Saving

The efficiency is 801m/w now, 8 times efficient than the efficiency of the incandescent lights. Thus, it saves more than 80% energy. While compared to the CFL bulbs, it saves 30%-40% of energy.

2. Eco-friendly

It neither contains any chemicals like mercury, lead nor emits any UV or IR rays. It is very environmental friendly and good for using at homes.

3. Long Lifespan

The lifespan lasts 50,000 hours. It’s 20 times more than the lifespan of incandescent lights.

4. Wide Range of Colours Choice

Variety of colours is there to choose for the LED bulb, it can be red, white, blue, green, yellow etc.

5. Design Flexibility

It is smaller than the other regular lights.

Obviously, LED is not the perfect one .There is two demerits: the total luminosity flux and the cost. In 2009, the total luminous flux was lesser than 5001m.If the flux increases then there is a problem in head sink, and the longevity of LED becomes short if the head sink is bad. The cost of LED bulbs is a bit high now. The cost of a 5W LED bulb more than $25.But by considering the energy cost and replacement, LED is cost-effective. After 2 years, the LED bulbs are more efficient than 1201m/w.So the cost will be less than $20.

LED also available in different colours according to the quality of diode materials. Apart from these it is hazard-free and also saves energy, gives brighter glow. Installing them is not a big deal. It has a long lifespan hence the maintenance is low. The outdoor LED lights are available in the market. Many of them are designed for tunnels, garages and parking areas.

While selecting the light for garage, it is important to concern about the safety and the efficiency as well. The LED’s can provide same brightness with less energy .So; definitely LED is the light for the upcoming years, energy efficient light bulbs, safe and easy maintenance. So it is better to pick up some LED when you need the lights next time.

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