• Note: this article is about the correct usage of retention basins

The quality of retention basins is just the beginning of water quality for our lakes and oceans. This water quality can effect the life in and around the retention basin. There are multiple reasons the water quality can be damaged. One way is when a local government does construction pollutants can leave the site, but they try to confine them within the area. Another way is fertalizer componants can harm and possibly kill the life within the retention basins and the lakes and rivers in the area that they lead to. One more reason is when home sewage is connected to the storm pipes, the various types of excraments can arm the wildlife including us as humans. These are just a few examples of ways that the retention basins can be harmed. If you have any other ways of these being harmed, please feel free to post.

The local government, hopefully, maintains the community retention basins. Some things that they check when they are making retention basins is that the strom drains are air tight, no cracks, etc. Another is The connection to the retention basins meet qulaifications. They also have the rock channel outlet- if the retention basin is filling up too fast, the rock channel outlet slows down the flow. They should also check if the home owners nearby maintain their portion of the work, too. This probably includes: cutting the grass around the pond, and keeping algae levels down at a healthy level. If you have a retention basin in your neighborhood do everyone a favor and be considerate of their quality, they will later affect our lakes and rivers "downstream."

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