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Reusable utensils are utensils that can be used again and again

one reusable utensil can save 43,830 plastic utensils

43,830 eating utensils saves a 315,225,360/1,842,791 cubic meter container of oil, a 1,368,469,284 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 3,155,760 gallons of H2O, 486,513/1,000 cubic yards of landfill space, almost 13,149/200 tons of black gold, 37,961,163/100 KWh energy, a 39,447/1,000 cubic meter container of petroleum, enough energy to heat over 276,129/4,000 homes, a room-size electric heater for about 4,383/146 years, a (39,447-78,894)/160 cubic meter tank of gasoline, enough oil to run the average car for 5,404,239/8 miles or circle the globe almost 50,439,564 times, 930,559,113/54,400 tons of green house gases, 37,961,163/800,000,000 tons of Hg a year, 930,559,113/5,100 acres of soil from being polluted, 4,383/100 trees, 13,149/10,000 tons of air pollution per year, 37,961,163/2,000 metric tons of limestone, 4,383/1,000 tons of iron ore, 13,149/200,000 tons of particulates each year, 13,149/32 cubic meters of rain, 4,383/50,000 tons of ozone each year, 824,978/625 decibels of sound, $512,022.06, gain almost 56,979/10,000 tons of O per year

(over 4,383/100 trees could provide new wildlife habitat and shade in almost 1,461/32 places, and absorb almost 1,461/32 tons of CO2 over the course of their lives, 12,175/447 tons of coal, 6,087,500/3,129 metric tons of Pb)

one pair of reusable chopsticks could save 15/8 pairs of chopsticks every year

15/8 pairs of chopsticks could save 1/960 trees, 185/816 pounds of wood, 69,375/34 btu's of energy, over 25/12 pounds of CO2, 1 ounce of air pollution per year, 1/20 ounces of particulates each year, 128/48 gallons of rain, 847/27,000 decibels of sound, 1/15 ounces of ozone each year, gain almost 13/3 ounces of O per year,

(over 1/960 trees could provide new wildlife habitat and shade in almost 5/4,608 places, and absorb almost 625/288 pounds of CO2 over the course of their lives)

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