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Wheely Tired

a tire that's been made out of recycled rubber

Tire recycling or rubber recycling is the process of recycling vehicles tires (or tyres) that are no longer suitable for use on vehicles due to wear or irreparable damage (such as punctures). These tires are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to the large volume produced and their durability. Those same characteristics, which make waste tires such a problem, also make them one of the most re-used waste materials, as the rubber is very resilient and can be reused in other products. Approximately, one tire is discarded per person per year. Tires are also often recycled for use on basketball courts and new shoe products. However, material recovered from waste tires, known as "crumb," is generally only a cheap "filler" material and is rarely used in high volumes.

recycling one ton of rubber could save 3 tons of latex, 1,200 trees, a 1,800 cubic meter lake, 144/5 tons of CO2 a year, 11,250 cubic meters of rain, 6,536/5 metric tons of fossil fuels, 3,137,280 square meters of natural habitat potential, 36 tons of air pollution per year, 3,268/5 metric tons of carbon monoxide, a 600 cubic meter container of ethanol, gain almost 156 tons of O per year

recycling one tire can save 7 gallons of crude oil, 518 gallons of H2O, enough oil to run the average car for 105 miles or circle the globe almost 7,840 times, a 210,000 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 21/8 tons of green house gases, 4,809/100,000 tons of CO2, 4,809/1,000 gallons of gasoline, 1,295/2 kwh of energy, 518 pounds of coal, 6,475/96 tons of waste, 32,375/648 cubic yards of landfill space, 28 acres of soil from being polluted, 259/8 metric tons of limestone, 1,036/25 pounds of fly ash, 259/15,600 metric tons of H, 10,619/2,560 tons of methane, 259/1,560 metric tons of Zn, 777/2 pounds of coke, 175/26 metric tons of global warming, 4,809/10,000,000 metric tons of benzene, 4,809/100,000 tons of climate change, 259/5,475 pounds of CFC, 777/5,000 pounds of pitch, almost 135 pounds of hydrocarbons, 5,513/366,400 tons of PETN, 1,813/1,000 tons of nitrate, 1,554 pounds of nitric acid, 259/250 kilograms of nitric oxide, 4,809/250,000 tons of water vapor, 273/2,000 pounds of soot, 38,591/80,000 tons of 1,3-butadiene, 38,591/160,000 tons of butane, 259/25 pounds of sulfur oxide, 259/1,950 metric tons of Si, 43,281/400,000 tons of sawdust, 185/2 pounds of Al, enough energy to power 35/8 cars for a year, a CFL for 8,029/233,600 years, $77.70 in water

recycling one ton of Synthetic Rubber could save a 825/2 cubic meter lake, enough water to fill 77/475 olympic sized swimming pools, 137,500 kwh of energy, 4,433/9,344 metric tons or 55 tons of coal, 14,751/160 tons of CO2, a 44,253/1,280 cubic meter tank of gasoline, 27,500/7 metric tons of Pb, keep 275/8 pounds of Hg out of landfills a year, 171,875/12 tons of waste, a 368,775/7,328 cubic meter container of oil, 6,875 metric tons of limestone, 132,759/1,184 tons of air pollution per year, 22/5 tons of fly ash, 14,751/320 tons of biomass, 1,639/64 tons of C, 11/2 tons of SO2, 25,740/197 tons of acid rain, 11/4 tons of S, enough energy to power a CFL for 8,525/1,168 years, 144,375/5,774 homes, one home for 1,375/82 years, a 825/8 bedroom house for an entire year, 55/56 tons of haze, 663,795/68 gallons of biodiesel, 2,787,939/544,000 tons of glycerol, 495 pounds of NOx, 44,253/128,000 tons of NO2, 1,684,375,000/9 metric tons of sulfuric acid, 4,917/32 tons of Cl, 2,000/7 tons of ethylene glycol, 5,247/160 tons of ClO2‎, 25/4 grams of Pu, 44,253/6,400 tons of B, 275/28 tons of Al, $16,500.00

Recycling one ton of silicone saves 5,774 kWh of energy, 3,423/5 gallons of oil, 98,000,000 BTUs of energy, a 8,661/500 cubic meter lake, 2,887/4,000,000 tons of Hg a year, 5,774/35 metric tons of Pb, 2,887/1,250 tons of coal, a 20,538,000 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 10,269/40 tons of greenhouse gases, 14,435/24 tons of waste, 72,175/162 cubic yards of landfill space, 13,692/5 acres of soil from being polluted, 2,887/10 metric tons of limestone, 2,887/15,625 tons of fly ash, 6,988/358,735 metric tons of fossil fuels, 3,494/358,735 metric tons of carbon monoxide, 3,494/1,793,675 metric tons of nitrogen oxide, a 36,750/9,169 cubic meter container of propane, 698,800/1,650,181 tons of soda ash, over 3,871,467/183,200,000 tons of smog, 6,077/25,317,568 tons of VOCs, 4,900/969 tons of NH3, 98/19 tons of methanol, a 735/278 cubic meter tank of diesel fuel, 245/6 tons of hydrogen peroxide, a 735/268 cubic meter container of kerosene, 2,887/7,000 tons of Al, enough energy to power 29,400/19 homes for a year, $1,280.88.

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