Sneakers with a Purpose™ Edit

By: Gary Gagnon, Founder REMYXX cool sneakers 100% recyclable and Diligent Recycler

With more than 300 million pairs of shoes thrown away last year, in the U.S. alone (, REMYXX is
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REMYXX cool sneakers 100% recyclable.

taking matters into their own feet.

It was in June of 2009 when, as a husband and a father, I first had the idea of REMYXX cool sneakers 100% recyclable. I was preparing to take out the trash when I saw a pair of my wife’s old shoes and two beaten pairs of my boy’s sneakers in the regular trash, right next to the recycling bin. As an avid, suburban recycler, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if all the worn-out shoes that get thrown away, ending up in our landfills, could instead be recycled. So, I went to work.

Fast forward almost three years where the effort to bring a completely recyclable, and cool sneaker, to market is beginning to unfold. With REMYXX cool sneakers 100% recyclable currently in the launch phase for 2012 sales, I am happy to finally be clear of the testing and retesting stage. Having gone through extensive research, several material trials, and lab tests, I am newly energized to get my product, brand, and message out there now for public awareness and consumer support.

REMYXX cool sneakers 100% recyclable are the world’s first and only completely Landfill-Free Sneakers™. With one united target in mind for the point to capture two critical objectives, REMYXX addresses the importance of recycling by dressing the feet in style. REMYXX are casual comfortable lifestyle sneakers, in strong colors with cleaver designs for mass appeal to all types, ages, and genders. They are manufactured using a unique mix of materials that look and feel like canvas and rubber but are made entirely from a special blend of lab certified ( recyclable materials. Ultimately, at the end of their lifecycle, together all parts REMYXX, can be “remyxx-ed” to make new products and materials, including a new pair of REMYXX.

It is with an uncommon marketability that REMYXX sneakers are more than just a great product. REMYXX cool sneakers 100% recyclable represent not only design and fashion but also awareness and sustainability. The mission is not only to deliver an enjoyable sustainable sneaker, but also to advocate and initiate improvements in recycling. REMYXX are, [with a Purpose™]. REMYXX are to be worn proudly as a means to share green-enthusiasm and instill the importance to support products, companies, and individual behaviors that promote and demonstrate good recycling and a green-lifestyle. For the good of your feet, for the good of the planet . . . reduce, reuse, REMYXX™

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