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Straw recycling is where disposable straws get recycled into new products

recycling one plastic straw saves, 1/500 gallons of oil, a 60 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 229/11,175 kwh of energy, 21,600/73 btu's of energy, 687/25,000 pounds of CO2, 916/55,875 gallons of H2O, 3/2 pounds of greenhouse gases, 687/500,000 gallons of gasoline, 229/391,125 metric tons of Pb, 916/55,875 pounds of coal, 229/107,280 tons of waste, 229/144,828 cubic yards of landfill space, 1/125 acres of soil from being polluted, 1,832/1,396,875 pounds of fly ash

recycling one paper straw could save 1/1,000 trees, 37/170 pounds of wood, 33,300/17 btu's of energy, 2,701/204,000 gallons of oil, a 13,505/34 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 2,701/544,000 tons of greenhouse gases, over 2 pounds of CO2, 2,701/51,000 acres of soil from being polluted, 3/50 pounds of air pollution per year, 817/750 kilograms of fossil fuels, gain almost 13/50 pounds of O per year

(over 1/1,000 trees could provide new wildlife habitat and shade in almost 1/960 places, and absorb almost 25/12 pounds of co2 over the course of their lives)

recycling one steel straw saves 23/200 pounds of iron ore, 31/500 pounds of coal and 2/25 ounces of limestone, 21/3,125 gallons of oil, a 1,008/5 cubic meter lake and 84/3,125 acres of soil from being polluted, 8/5 ounces of steel, 31/6,250 pounds of fly ash.

(8/5 ounces of steel could save 2 ounces of iron ore, 4/5 ounces of coal, 4/125 ounces of limestone, 31/10 gallons of water (1/50,000 of H2O), enough energy to light a 60 watt light bulb for 13/840 weeks, 321/10 watts of energy, a 19/5,000 gallons of oil, 545 Btu's of energy, 1/5,000 cubic yards of landfill space, 321/40,000,000 pounds of Hg a year, enough oil to run the average car for 57/1,000 miles, a 114 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 321/350,000 metric tons of Pb, 8/125 ounces of fly ash, over 57¢)

recycling one glass straw could save 12 pounds of limestone, 189/19 kilograms of co2, the equivalent of 27/95 gallons of fuel, 417/475 pounds of air pollution, 780/19 pounds of sand, 246/19 pounds of soda ash and 126/95 kWh of energy, 9/152 tons of green house gases, 720/19 kilograms of toxic lead, 3/19 gallons of oil, 112,782/5 Btu’s of energy, 6/95 cubic yards of landfill space, 90/19 pounds of feldspar, 1,152/95 pounds of mining waste, a 90,000/19 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 756/95 square meters of natural habitat potential, enough energy to power over 459/380,000π cars for a year, a CFL for 1,953/27,740,000 years, enough oil to run the average car for 45/19 miles or circle the globe almost 3,360/19 times, 567/167,200 metric tons or 504/475 pounds of coal, 126/625 gallons of water, 84,483/950,000 gallons of gasoline, 12/19 acres of soil from being polluted, 1,008/11,875 pounds of fly ash, 945/38,456 tons of steam

recycling one ton of plastic straws could save a 15 cubic meter container of oil, 18,320,000/447 kwh of energy, a 120,000,000 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 687/25 tons of co2, 229/44,700 tons of Hg a year, a 18,320/149 cubic meter lake, 1,500 tons of greenhouse gases, a 2,061/200 cubic meter tank of gasoline, 3,664,000/3,129 metric tons of toxic lead, 7,328/447 tons of coal, 5,725,000/1,341 tons of waste, 11,283,343/3,568 cubic yards of landfill space, almost $614,644.80

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