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The abbreviations on this page were originally defined on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.


TAD: Technical Assistance Document

TAG: Technical Assistance Grant

TALMS: Tunable Atomic Line Molecular Spectroscopy

TAMS: Toxic Air Monitoring System

TAMTAC: Toxic Air Monitoring System Advisory Committee

TAP: Technical Assistance Program

TAPDS: Toxic Air Pollutant Data System

TAS: Tolerance Assessment System

TBT: Tributyltin

TC: Target Concentration. Technical Center. Toxicity Characteristics. Toxic Concentration:

TCDD: Dioxin (Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin)

TCDF: Tetrachlorodi-benzofurans

TCE: Trichloroethylene TCF: Total Chlorine Free

TCLP: Total Concentrate Leachate Procedure. Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure

TCM: Transportation Control Measure

TCP: Transportation Control Plan; Trichloropropane;

TCRI: Toxic Chemical Release Inventory

TD: Toxic Dose

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids

TEAM: Total Exposure Assessment Model

TEC: Technical Evaluation Committee

TED: Turtle Excluder Devices

TEG: Tetraethylene Glycol

TEGD: Technical Enforcement Guidance Document

TEL: Tetraethyl Lead

TEM: Texas Episodic Model

TEP: Typical End-use Product. Technical Evaluation Panel

TERA: TSCA Environmental Release Application

TES: Technical Enforcement Support

TEXIN: Texas Intersection Air Quality Model

TGO: Total Gross Output

TGAI: Technical Grade of the Active Ingredient

TGP: Technical Grade Product

THC: Total Hydrocarbons

THM: Trihalomethane

TI: Temporary Intermittent

TI: Therapeutic Index

TIBL: Thermal Internal Boundary Layer

TIC: Technical Information Coordinator. Tentatively Identified Compounds

TIM: Technical Information Manager

TIP: Technical Information Package

TIP: Transportation Improvement Program

TIS: Tolerance Index System

TISE: Take It Somewhere Else

TITC: Toxic Substance Control Act Interagency Testing Committee

TLV: Threshold Limit Value

TLV-C: TLV-Ceiling

TLV-STEL: TLV-Short Term Exposure Limit

TLV-TWA: TLV-Time Weighted Average

TMDL: Total Maximum Daily Limit; Total Maximum Daily Load

TMRC: Theoretical Maximum Residue Contribution

TNCWS: Transient Non-Community Water System

TNT: Trinitrotoluene

TO: Task Order

TOA: Trace Organic Analysis

TOC: Total Organic Carbon/ Compound

TOX: Tetradichloroxylene

TP: Technical Product; Total Particulates

TPC: Testing Priorities Committee

TPI: Technical Proposal Instructions

TPQ: Threshold Planning Quantity

TPSIS: Transportation Planning Support Information System

TPTH: Triphenyltinhydroxide

TPY: Tons Per Year

TQM: Total Quality Management

T-R: Transformer-Rectifier

TRC: Technical Review Committee

TRD: Technical Review Document

TRI: Toxic Release Inventory

TRIP: Toxic Release Inventory Program

TRIS: Toxic Chemical Release Inventory System

TRLN: Triangle Research Library Network

TRO: Temporary Restraining Order

TSA: Technical Systems Audit

TSCA: Toxic Substances Control Act

TSCATS: TSCA Test Submissions Database

TSCC: Toxic Substances Coordinating Committee

TSD: Technical Support Document

TSDF: Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility

TSDG: Toxic Substances Dialogue Group

TSI: Thermal System Insulation

TSM: Transportation System Management

TSO: Time Sharing Option

TSP: Total Suspended Particulates

TSS: Total Suspended (non-filterable) Solids

TTFA: Target Transformation Factor Analysis

TTHM: Total Trihalomethane

TTN: Technology Transfer Network

TTO: Total Toxic Organics

TTY: Teletypewriter

TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority

TVOC: Total Volatile Organic Compounds

TWA: Time Weighted Average

TWS: Transient Water System

TZ: Treatment Zone

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