'The 'Lightners Strike is an action-fantasy-comedy story about an super-intelligent family who's discovered a way to create the "ultimate" source of clean energy which will put an end to the dependence on oil consumption. The "Lightners Strike" is set to be an animated feature film in which we are currently working behind the scenes in pre-production and are developing a series of children's books that will allow our target audience to become familiar with the story and characters before the movie comes out.

Since our target market is children from the ages of 4-12, we felt compelled to create a story that reaches out to them, in a fun and exciting way, that will also help teach the importance of using clean energy and not abusing our planets natural resources. The animation genre is one of the most successful genres in the film and entertainment industry and we'd like to use the medium to make an positive impact on our future leaders of tomorrow.

Please visit and help us kickstart this project over at Kickstarter at:

Thanks for your support!

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