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Toothpick recycling is where used toothpicks are reclaimed and remade into new products

recycling one toothpick could save 1/2,211,840 trees, over 25/27,648 pounds of CO2, 1/2,304 ounces of air pollution per year, 185/1,880,064 pounds of wood, 3,125/4,634,496 kwh of energy, 625/1,158,624 gallons of H2O, a 1/5,898,240 cubic meter tank of gasoline, 625/1,158,624 pounds of coal, a 390,625/197,856 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 25/579,312 pounds of fly ash, 817/1,658,880 kilograms of fossil fuels, 25/55,296 pounds of biomass, 817/3,317,760 kilograms of carbon monoxide, 625/1,544,832 pounds of coke, 125/497,664 pounds of C, 13/69,984 ounces of dust each year, 1/46,080 ounces of particulates each year, 125/110,592 gallons of rain, 1/34,560 ounces of ozone each year, 25/27,648 pounds of climate change, 1/756,864 ounces of CFC, 625/1,544,832 pounds of pitch, 625/386,208 pounds of nitric acid, a 25/1,046,361,946 cubic meter tank of diesel fuel, gain almost 13/6,912 ounces of O per year

(over 1/2,211,840 trees could provide new wildlife habitat and shade in almost 5/10,616,832 places and absorb almost 625/663,552 pounds of CO2 over the course of their lives)

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