The abbreviations on this page were originally defined on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.


WA: Work Assignment

WADTF: Western Atmospheric Deposition Task Force

WAP: Waste Analysis Plan

WAVE: Water Alliances for Environmental Efficiency

WB: Wet Bulb

WCED: World Commission on Environment and Development

WDROP: Distribution Register of Organic Pollutants in Water

WENDB: Water Enforcement National Data Base

WERL: Water Engineering Research Laboratory

WET: Whole Effluent Toxicity test

WHO: World Health Organization

WHP: Wellhead Protection Program

WHPA: Wellhead Protection Area

WHWT: Water and Hazardous Waste Team

WICEM: World Industry Conference on Environmental Management

WL: Warning Letter; Working Level (radon measurement)

WLA/TMDL: Wasteload Allocation/Total Maximum Daily Load

WLM: Working Level Months

WMO: World Meteorological Organization

WP: Wettable Powder

WPCF: Water Pollution Control Federation

WQS: Water Quality Standard

WRC: Water Resources Council

WRDA: Water Resources Development Act

WRI: World Resources Institute

WS: Work Status

WSF: Water Soluble Fraction

WSRA: Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

WSTB: Water Sciences and Technology Board

WSTP: Wastewater Sewage Treatment Plant

WWEMA: Waste and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association

WWF: World Wildlife Fund

WWTP: Wastewater Treatment Plant

WWTU: Wastewater Treatment Unit

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