My name is Ayodeji Jubril (University of Texas at Austin Class of 2013), recently my partner and I started a start up tech company called Voucher, the world's first smart receipt printer. Voucher is an environmentally conscious renovation of the modern receipt printer at retail stores, which seamlessly and wirelessly sends a digital receipt directly to the customers smartphone for all transactions using a credit/debit card. For a lot of shopaholics, retail fiends, or average consumers alike this means..... No more paper receipts! No more pockets, handbags, purses, or glovebox compartments filled with this paper waste!

There are 82+ Billion credit/debit card transactions every year in US alone, that is 82+ Billion opportunities for Voucher. Retailers across the country spend about 3.4 Billion dollars annually on just the printer paper alone. We see great potential for effecting positive change for both retailers and consumers, both financially and environmentally.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a known carcinogen that has much of the environmental world worried, especially considering the adverse effects it has on pregnant women and children. This same carcinogen is found in unsafe levels in the common receipt. Our Voucher printer combats this problem by using solely BPA-free paper for transactions involving cash in which a digital receipt can not be sent.

We are still early in development and have a crowdfunding campaign live on Indiegogo to fund prototype development. We have a patent pending currently and are signing up to present our start up at SXSW this coming March. Our new cloud based receipting platform has the potential to indefinitely change commerce and the retail experience. Voucher is at the forefront of the internet of things revolution and we are very excited about where this could go.

80% of the US population receives one to three receipts a day 4.3 Million trees are cut down a year to make paper receipts Retailers spend 3.4 Billion Dollars a year to pay for this receipt paper Receipt thermal paper contains unsafe levels of a dangerous chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA) this carcinogenic chemical has very dangerous effects on pregnant women and children. Because of this BPA on receipt paper, it is not recyclable

It's almost 2015 why are we still accepting paper receipts? Voucher is the solution to this unnecessary paper waste. Check out our indiegogo campaign:

And follow us on twitter for more info: @Voucher_Co

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