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Wilkie Birdsall, Branding & DesignEdit

Wilkie Birdsall is a branding and design agency dedicated to helping clients reach out to consumers with socially responsible and sustainable advertising and marketing initiatives. The agency teaches its clients that green business practices are not only the responsible thing to do, but also help build brand value. While Wilkie Birdsall accepts clients from all over the world, it is particularly concerned with supporting Orlando's local small business community. Wilkie Birdsall is also Orlando's first agency to adopt The Designers Accord.

Wilkie Birdsall specializes in the following services:Edit

  • Branding (business naming, logo design)
  • Design (visual identity, web, print and general design consulting)
  • Brand Advertising (campaign development for traditional and non-traditional media)
Wilkiebirdsall logo blog
Wilkie Birdsall on the web.
Type of Business Branding, Design, Advertising, Marketing
Location Orlando, FL
Partners Mike Wilkie & Jenn Birdsall
Affiliations The Designers Accord

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