Investing in wind energy and clean sources mean, investing in the future. 2014 was a great year for wind energy but 2015 is already showing significant potential. The newest research are indicating an market growth of 44% and installations of more than 51 GW of wind energy across the world. Asia is a world leader followed with Africa and Latin America, while Europe is facing a slight downturn.

According to the research done by GreenMatch and Global Wind Energy 

Council, the UK set its new goal within the renewable industry, leaving behind Denmark and Germany, the previous market leaders. The UK is on the right track in securing 15 percent of the country’s total energy powered from clean energy sources.

Denmark and Germany have been market leaders for a last decade, but the issue took central point in the UK, followed by the desire to move away from feed-in-tariff scheme. With the financial support provided by the UK’s government, more and more people are opting for renewable energy sources.

Statistics are indicating that the UK has the largest offshore wind capacity in Europe with 55% of all installation while Denmark is taking second place with 15,8%, and Germany third with 13%.

Future of the Wing Energy Edit

Considering all the benefits of the wind energy, it is not surprising that it is fastest growing industry. Although, initial costs of the installation are high, scientists are constantly seeking ways of reducing prices and developing new solutions. One of them is usage of existing offshore oil platforms that are nearing the end of useful life as a installation field.

Latest studies are showing high potential of new types of wind turbines, capable of harnessing stronger and more consistent winds, higher in the atmosphere. Even though, this new models are in the testing phase, there is high potential and positive results associated with their development.

2015 brought good news for the wind sector and it looks that we will hear much more about this industry. The bright future is just around the corner and we are preparing for better life on the Earth. Wind energy assured its place in the future as the inexpensive of harvesting electrical power. As the emphasis on the environment is growing, wind power is looking better as an option for a sustainable future.

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