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A Wind Turbine is A device that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy that can be used to drive equipment such as pumps. The addition of a generator allows the wind’s kinetic energy to be converted into electricity. There are two types of wind turbines, namely: horizontal axis turbines - blades rotate about a horizontal axis; and vertical axis turbines - blades rotate about a vertical axis.

The study showed that for a minimal cost, wind energy provides significant economic and environmental benefits. Wind turbines in Iowa reduced acid rain emissions by 2,500 tons, cut global warming pollutants by 650,000 tons, and provided 200 short-term and 40 long-term jobs.

wind turbines produce 3,285,000 kWh or 55,755,109,110 btu's of energy in a year, a 9,855 cubic meter lake, 684,375/2 tons of waste, 881,037/400 tons of CO2 a 4,405,185/3,664 cubic meter container of oil, a 9,618,307,860 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 1,314 tons of coal, 657,000/7 metric tons of Pb, 657/1,600 tons of Hg a year, 7,929,333/2,960 tons of air pollution per year, 2,628/25 tons of fly ash, 4,433/400 metric tons of fossil fuels, 881,037/800 tons of biomass, 4,433/800 metric tons of carbon monoxide, 4,433/4,000 metric tons of nitrogen oxide, 97,893/160 tons of C, 75,361/80,000 metric tons of solid particles, 13,299/764 metric tons of ethanol, 10,950/13 metric tons of Zn, 4,023/4 tons of coke, 18,070,064/6,281 tons of NH3, 22,322,585/7,607 tons of methanol, 12,069/40 tons of climate change, 203,679/80 tons of Cl, 72,000/77 tons of ethylene glycol, enough energy to power 1,724,625/2,887 homes, a CFL for 1,395/8 years, $394,200.00.

One turbine will save 18 tons of SO2 (the leading contributor to acid rain) and over 11/2 tons of nitrous oxides (a contributor to smog and regional haze), 9 tons of S, 450,000 kwh of energy, a 1,350 cubic meter lake, over 12,069/7,328 tons of smog, 125,718,750/2,977 metric tons of global warming, 180 tons of coal, 150/13 metric tons of H, 22,500 metric tons of limestone, 120,690,000/23 cubic feet of natural gas, a 36,207/320 cubic meter tank of gasoline, 12,069/4,000 metric tons of benzene, 1,620 pounds of NOx, 135 tons of pitch, 2,715,525/6,412 tons of hydrocarbons, 1,260 tons of nitrate, 213,840/2,261 tons of potassium hydroxide, 36,207/32,000 tons of NO2, 612,500,000 metric tons of sulfuric acid, 108,621/160 tons of sawdust, 540 tons of nitric acid, 720 kilograms of nitric oxide, 12,069/100 tons of water vapor, 1,341/4 tons of 1,3-butadiene, 1,341/8 tons of butane, 54/55 tons of sulfur hexafluoride, 4,293/40 tons of ClO2‎, 18/5 tons of sulfur oxide, 202,500/523 metric tons of trinitrotoluene, 45/2 pounds of U, 1,200/13 metric tons of Si, 9/440 kilograms of Pu, 25 metric tons of Bi, $54,000.00

a Wind turbine that is one foot tall could save almost 500/43 tons of air pollution

A 1 megawatt wind turbine will annually save 21,600 tons of CO2 a year, 8,437,500 cubic meters of rain, 27,000 tons of air pollution per year, a 1,350,000 cubic meter lake, 1,350 tons of particulates each year, 27,104,000 decibels of sound intensity, 1,800 tons of ozone each year, 2,352,960,000 square meters of natural habitat potential, 7,058,880 metric tons of life, 1,838,250,000/253 tons of steam, 104,000/9 tons of dust each year, 490,200,000/23 tons of soda ash, 11,029,500/11 metric tons of coal, a 11,238,750,000/155,873 cubic meter container of propane, a 145,800/17 cubic meter container of biodiesel, 20,412/17 tons of glycerol, 1/297 tons of PETN, 144/73 tons of CFC, 292,500/229 tons of soot, 182,354,400 square meters of methane, 270/77 pounds of octane, 1,620 tons of B, 2,058,840 metric tons of shells, 1 ton of Nd, $54,000,000.00, gain almost 117,000 tons of O per year,

a 1 kwh wind turbine could save 178 gallons of diesel fuel per year, 24,742,000 btu's of energy, 12,371/67 gallons of kerosene

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