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Writing implement recycling is where writing implements get collected and reprocessed into new things

Pencil recyclingEdit

Pencil recycling is where pencils get collected and reprocessed into new things

recycling one pencil could save 1/175 trees, 148/119 pounds of wood, over 80/7 pounds of CO2, 12/35 pounds of air pollution per year, 80,000/9,387 kwh of energy, 64,000/9,387 gallons of H2O, 32/9,387 tons of coal, 4,000/4,809 gallons of oil, a 270,100/119 cubic meter lake, and 16,000/4,809 acres of soil from being polluted, 20/9,387 pounds of Hg a year, 500/1,603 tons of greenhouse gases, 4/7 gallons of gasoline, 4,000/9,387 metric tons of limestone, 13,072/875 square meters of natural habitat potential, 64/234,675 tons of fly ash, 817/131,250 metric tons of fossil fuels, 80/366,093 metric tons of H, 40/7 pounds of biomass, 817/262,500 kilograms of carbon monoxide, 817/1,312,500 metric tons of nitrogen oxide, 200/63 pounds of C, 16/46,935 tons of sulfur dioxide, 8/3,129 tons of coke, 800/366,093 metric tons of Zn, 8/46,935 tons of S, 1,634/12,075 tons of soda ash, 416/2,835 pounds of dust each year, 1,664/205,471 tons of acid rain, 3/175 pounds of particulates each year, 100/7 gallons of rain, 4/175 pounds of ozone each year, 968/5,625 decibels of sound, 80/7 pounds of climate change, 4/65,709 tons of haze, 32/1,043 pounds of NOx, 8/7,665 pounds of CFC, 8/3,129 tons of pitch, 20/100,989 tons of PETN, 35/3,129 tons of nitric acid, 1,332/16,541 gallons of diesel fuel, 128/9,387 kilograms of nitric oxide, 32/7 pounds of water vapor, 25/1,603 pounds of soot, $125.00, gain almost 52/35 pounds of O per year

(over 1/175 trees could provide new wildlife habitat and shade in almost 1/168 places, and absorb almost 250/21 pounds of CO2 over the course of their lives)

Pen recyclingEdit

Pen recycling is where pens get collected and reprocessed into new things

recycling one pen could save 21/3,275 gallons of oil, a 25.200/131 cubic meter lake, and 84/3,275 acres of soil from being polluted, 6,412/97,595 kwh of energy, 7,049/31,802,349,000 metric tons of fossil fuels, 70,49/318,023,490,000 metric tons of nitrogen oxide, 1,603/65,500 pounds of C

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